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Think about it...

Our skin, our largest organ, is one huge easy pathway
for absorbing chemicals into our bodies.  

Medicinal patches are applied directly to our skin to treat all kinds of issues:
Birth Control, to stop smoking, for motion sickness, ADHD... and so on.
The medication enters quickly into our bloodstream.

It follows, that the products we use daily are absorbed into our skin,
and affect our body's systems. 
Including lotion, shampoo, makeup, sunscreen, etc.

We expect our products to be safe.  I did.

These known hormone disrupting chemicals are
NOT regulated...
and are used everywhere.    

While these products alone may not affect our bodies,
in combination with the other sources of these synthetic chemicals,
we are bombarded.

The cumulative affect is the price we pay with our toxic chemical body burden. 

Other sources of these disruptors:
pesticides, fertilizers, plastics, fire retardant fabrics,
BPA lining in canned goods, receipts, etc.

We like our conveniences, our perfect green, weed free, bug free yards... but at what cost?   

Start small! 

Make a change!

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