Think about it...

Pharmaceutical companies use patches that we put on our skin for a variety of purposes:  

We use these patches for birth control,  to stop smoking, for motion sickness, ADHD... etc... these medicated patches go directly to the bloodstream... 

MEDICINE is absorbed through our skin.  

My point is:

We expect our products to be safe.  I did.
I am not a doctor, not a scientist, however, when I learned about these known hormone disrupting chemicals in our products, that are NOT regulated... and are used just about everywhere, it was like a light bulb going off.  

It makes sense that these chemicals/products absorb into our skin and affect our body’s system.
​(just as the pharmaceutical companies use medicinal skin patches).  
AND while these products alone might not have an affect on our bodies, in combination with the other sources of these synthetic chemicals, we are getting doused!

These sources of hormone disruptors /endocrine dispruptors
create a huge toxic chemical burden within our bodies.

THIS does not take into account other sources of these disruptors:
pesticices, fertilizers, plastics, fire retardent fabrics, BPA lining in canned goods... etc.

We all like our conveniences, our perfect green, weed free, bug free yards...

but at what cost?   

Start small! 

Make a change!

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