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Save the Dandelions … while social distancing!

During these "social distancing" times, many of us are revisiting the garden... I for one, had given up on my garden several years ago. Past summers, I have had an occasional potted tomato plant, usually unsuccessful. This year is different, while I am not going to have the garden of my grandparents, I am going to have one (try to anyway) and I am more mindful to what is available to me and what I have to nurture.

So here we are talking about dandelions! My cousin (thank you Joe!) posted a quick read about dandelions and their goodness! My grandparents ate dandelion leaves, my great uncle made dandelion wine.... AND not only are these little beauties edible, they are extremely important to the bees, butterflies & birds! Don't spray them... Eat them!!

SAVE THE DANDELIONS!! (even if you aren't going to eat them, the bees need them!)

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