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It feels like we are in the "Dark Ages" of cancer. I think we are at a turning point, although, I don't know which way this one will go. Hopeful on one side, where treatments for cancer are on the cutting edge, but horrifying on the other, where diagnosis' are jumping at an alarming rate.

I am so very sad to realize how many people (including far too many children), I know with cancer. These all can't be just caught early, just more awareness, or the "shit happens" kind of cancer.

What is left out of the equation is the root. Why the jump in diagnosis'?

Environmental factors are linked all over the place, and yet, we just do not seem to want to open our eyes. It took DECADES for the tobacco industry to admit that smoking caused cancer... DECADES!! The tobacco industry knew the link, just as the chemical producers & big businesses of today know the link... but $$$ prevails... & we keep on supporting these companies.

It breaks my heart.

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