… can't let it go

My current reading list is and has been about health. I occasionally throw in some fiction, but overall, it's about health, our environment... how the EPA has failed us, how big businesses care about the almighty dollar over our health.

I've recently been told by another cancer survivor to "... let it go, you are healthy and well...you are never going to know what caused your cancer..." He was telling me to close the door on that chapter and move on.

He is right, I won't know what specifically caused my cancer... toxins, genetics... who knows... But finding out the specific answer is not, and has never been my mission, nor my intent. My intent has always been to hopefully, make people aware...we have the power to MAKE CHANGES! Make INFORMED CHOICES... Even small ones... it makes a difference.

When I find myself talking to 3 other co-workers, and it dawns on me that 3 of the 4 of us (in our 40s-early 50s) have or had cancer... 75% of that little grouping …. that as the 4 of us are talking, an email was sitting in my inbox, saying another co-worker was diagnosed with breast cancer...

When I see so much pediatric cancer.... when everywhere I turn, someone else has been diagnosed... at a relatively young age... I can't and won't turn away... I can't and won't let it go.

There are too many of us for this to just "happen to".... The sad realization is that, it isn't important, until it affects you directly, or a loved one... It isn't important, until it is.

It's time. Make a change.

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