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The link between using certain chemicals and a cancer diagnosis is not a direct line.

You do not get cancer from using product X, Y, or Z.  

Companies will say that the dose of a certain chemical(s) in their product is low and therefore not harmful to our health.  

But think about the total "low doses" (from multiple sources) we are exposed to all day long, day after day,

year after year... from birth...  These simple low doses adds up...

(actually we are exposed to these chemicals even in the womb)...  

They are a consistent influx of hormone disrupting synthetic chemicals to our bodies.

Studies on this are apparently very difficult.  

Variations of synthetic chemicals react differently within each of us. 

Add in the variety of different combinations of products each of us use

and there is another layer of variation. 

This variation of chemicals, combined with each person's different genetic make up further murkies the water.  

The direct link might not be a straight line, 

but it is clear enough for me to make a change and be wary.  

Unfortunately, you will not know if your body is genetically predisposed to being affected by these synthetic hormones/chemicals until it is too late, and a diagnosis is made (which will make you question). 


My goal is not to scare you or be an alarmist, but to make you aware of the connection between chemicals and cancer.  
I wish I had been made aware of them.  
Aware of the possible dangers from the products I used,

that I exposed my children to... 

I would have made changes much earlier.


Research for yourself, I've attached links to help you make an informed decision.


Below are just few links to studies about environmental toxins and their affects:

1.     An outbreak of male breast cancer of Marines that were based in Camp Lejeune, NC, linked to the toxic drinking water.

2.  Information about BPA & BPS in Receipts:

3.  Dr. Tyrone Hayes studied frogs and the affects of the pesticide Atrazine on them.  

     He found that the male frogs to grow ovaries and eggs.

4.  Ruth Desmond, Peanut Butter Grandma, food and checmicals  4924-aed2-1f429a0be073/?utm_term=.e79e05973091

5.  DES (Diethylstilbestrol) a synthetic hormone, used from 1938 to 1971.  It was a widely prescribed to pregnant women for a variety of pregnancy related problems.  At the time it was deemed as safe for the woman AND the unborn child.  

     There is quite a sad tale of how it was proven NOT safe and instead Cancer causing, both for the women and the unborn child, which is why I include this link.  I want to show that the FDA/government approved this drug to be prescribed to women for over 30 years.  Perhaps prescribed with the best intentions, however at a very high cost.

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