Cancer & our Daily Products

I am not a scientist.

I am not a doctor.

I was a 45 year old woman diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

My diagnosis gave me reason to pause… re-evaluate... research. 

My research showed the parallel between the introduction of synthetic chemicals during WWII

and the increase of cancer diagnosis’. 

The chemicals I am talking about are not in a science lab,

they are in our showers, our cupboards, on our counters… bottom line, they are EVERYWHERE.

We won’t be able to eliminate these toxins from our body, from our world…

but we, as consumers, should know what we CAN do.

We all should have the knowledge and awareness of the harmful chemicals in our products 

to make an informed decision. 

I am making changes now, and hope, my efforts can help keep my cancer away.

The chemical companies, cosmetic companies, the big businesses…

they care about their pockets, not about the consumer... not about us.

Our society is so fixated on finding a cure… and yes, let’s find a cure. 

BUT let’s look at the ROOT and possible contributors to cancer also!

We are worth that much.

© 2017  KD